Celopin Diet Pill – Does Celopin Or Any Diet Pill, Help You Lose Weight Fast?

Over the past few decades, the big pharmaceutical companies have marketed over 1000 diet pills – Celopin Diet Pill is only one of their latest offerings. And despite their claims of rapid, easy weight loss, the fact is that a large majority of diet pills DO NOT WORK AT ALL. (For more information on this, see the website listed in the Resource Box below this article.)

The first diet pills go all the way back to the 1950s, when amphetamines were offered as a way to suppress your appetite/boost your metabolism. Unfortunately, amphetamines (also known as “speed”) are highly addictive, and caused so many serious side effects that the drug companies were forced to take them off the market.

There then followed a long line of diet-pill drugs, which came and went as the continual discovery of side effects would force a new pill off the market within a few years. The most infamous case of this, were the “fen-phen” diet pills. The FDA approved this combination of fenfluramine and phentermine, assuring all that it was completely safe. Mere MONTHS later, the FDA had to issue a humiliating reversal of its decision – the “fen-phen” combination produced some of the worst side effects ever seen in any diet pill offered!

But “Big Pharma” wasn’t about to lose this “cash cow” that easily. In order to regain the trust of the general public, they began moving towards the use of “natural ingredients” in their new diet pill offerings. Of course, just because a chemical is produced by a plant, doesn’t mean it’s any safer than one produced in the laboratory.

The most notorious “natural” diet pill ingredient, was ephedra. Similar to caffeine (but more potent), it was eventually found to be causing caffeine-like side effects – but much more serious. Heart palpitations, heart arrhythmias, other heart problems, allergic reactions, nervous system problems – quite a list indeed! It too, was eventually banned in most of the technologically-advanced, Western civilized nations.

Are you seeing a pattern yet?

All of this does not mean that diet pills are entirely useless. A very few, select diet pills, have some value in assisting with weight loss. They can be useful – but only if you know how to use them correctly, and are fully aware of their problems:

1) ALL diet pills are potent drugs. They all have side effects – some of which are potentially very dangerous.

2) The more frequent side effects of diet pills include: heart complications, high blood pressure, dizziness, nervousness, insomnia, dry mouth, and diarrhea or constipation.

3) Like many other drugs, diet pills can be addictive. People have been known to become quite dependent on these pills, even long after they have stopped their dieting.

4) Many “successful” diet pill claims, are by people who also used a diet plan and exercised regularly during this period. Thus, there’s no way to know for certain, whether they would have lost the same amount of weight WITHOUT using the diet pill.

5) Recently, Big Pharma has tried a different approach: Offering watered-down versions of their prescription diet pills, as “over-the-counter” diet pills. Of course, being watered-down, they are even more useless than their original, stronger, prescription-required versions.

Even worse, after taking all these risks and possibly suffering through a list of side effects, ALL diet pills only work for a short time. Typically, your body will adapt to their weight-loss effects, and the pills will lose potency after a couple of months.